Sandra Marín Garcia was born in Barcelona, where she studied dance at the Institute of Theatre, Dance and Choreography. After her graduation, she joined the company Concert Dansa Dark, directed by Guillermina Coll and based in the same city. Two years after, she continued her professional experience abroad dancing for different companies: Polish Dance Theatre; Vorpommern Theatre Greifswald & Stralsund; Stadt Theatre Dortmund; Scapino Ballet Rotterdam; Cullberg Ballet and Netherlands Dance Theatre I. During these years, Sandra worked with choreographers such as Ralf Dörnen, Ed Wubbe, Johan Inger, Paul Lightfoot, Sol León, Mats Ek, Marina Mascarell, Jiri Kylián and Crystal Pite, among others.

Sandra joined Kidd Pivot in August 2010 after having worked with Crystal Pite in Cullberg Ballet and in Ndt I. Since December 2012, she has been working in different projects as a freelance performer, teacher and choreographer.

As a teacher, Sandra has taught at the Maximum Dans Course and in the Nederlands Dans Theater Summer Intensive, in Den Haag. She has also taught repertoire workshops at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid María de Ávila and she is a current guest ballet teacher at the Conservatori Superior de Dansa de l'Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, where she also teaches repertoire from different choreographers she has worked with. She has been a current guest teacher at Tanz Luzerner Theatre, leading Improvization technique classes for the company as well as educational workshops for the theatre. Sandra has also taught at the Summerdans intensive organized by danse Suisse. She teaches Improvization and repertoire in several theaters, schools and institutions such as Concert Theatre Bern, Strut Dance, in Perth and DAF, in Rome, amongs others.

As a choreographer, Sandra created the piece "Almost" for the senior dancers at the Maximum Dans Course in Den Haag in the summer 2010. In February 2011, she created the piece "Stringing Light", together with Jiri Pokorny, for the evening "Works- by members of Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM". She has choreographed, together with Zoran Markovic, the full length piece "Insight" for Nanine Linning's dance company in Heidelberg and the full length piece "Cosa Nostra" for the Tanz Luzerner Theater.

Sandra has collaborated as a choreographer with the international theatre company "La Fura dels Baus" in the Opera "Cantos de Sirena" created for the Luzerner Theater in January 2015 and for the Oper Köln. In 2017 Sandra created the full evening dance piece "Look at Me" for seniors at the Luzerner Theatre.

Sandra works internationally staging works from choreographers such as Fernando Hernando Magadan, Johan Inger and Crystal Pite.

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