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We know that is a short time to make all the arrangements in order to be preselected for the Competition. 

Some Facts that you may need to know in order to participate and organize your travel even if you are not preselected for the Competition.

  1. ) Results of the Preselection by Video are given in 15 days in all the cases when all 3 Judges they scored the video with "Approved". Results of the candidates with the Status "Stand-By" (Waiting List) will receive the Final Results as soon as possible around 20th-21th of January 2019. 

  2. ) All the Candidates with "Stand By" (Waiting List) they can prepare their travel, by booking the flights and hotels, even if they are not accepted to the Competition. "Stand By" (Waiting List) is meaning that you have a very good level of training and skills. This allows you to participate in our Directors Workshops and Masterclasses for Scholarships and Contracts, even if you will not be accepted for the competition. 

  3. ) Why Should I come if I'm not preselected for the Competition? You should come because the Preselection Judge Panel is composed only by 3 Judges, but at the competition we have companies artistic directors and schools artistic directors who are seeking for talent and who are willing to offer a Contract or a Full Scholarship for their respective companies or schools. 

  4. ) So if my Status is "Stand-By" (Waiting List) I should come and I should start to prepare my travel? Yes, we encourage you to do that as you will participate in the Scholarship Masterclasses with all the directors as well in the Professional Masterclasses with the company directors who are searching for dancers for their companies. Important! All the candidates with the "Stand-By" (Waiting List)  should still working a Variation from the Repertoire Variation List respecting their categories and a Contemporary Solo, as at 21th of January 2019 there will be published the Definitive List of the ACCEPTED CANDIDATES, the number of participants can be increased if the Judges Panel decide so. 

  5. I just applied  for the Preselection by Video and  I have the "Pending Status", should I plan my travel? No, in this case you have to wait until your status is changed to "Approved" or to"Stand-By" (Waiting List),  in order to plan your travel. 

  6. How much it takes to be changed my Status? Your Status Update will take from 1 hour to 24 hours after you provided your video link. 

  7. My Status is "Declined" can I come for the Masterclasses to be seen by a director?  If your Status is "Declined", we are very sorry but you still need to improve your ballet training and your skills in order to participate to the Masterclasses. The Candidates who they applied for the Preselection by Video and if they don't fit with our requirements, they receive the Declined Status in 8 hours after they provided us with the video link. 

  8. How should be my video ? Your video should respect the requirements stated in your participation category, have to be as more simple as possible and no longer than 8 minutes. (we want to keep it easy for you)

  9. Where can i contact for more information regarding Preselection Status, video link or any other info that I may need to participate to the IBStage Grand Prix?  Please contact us to prix@ibstage.com . We will be very fast in giving you support. 


Pre Professionals and Professionals with the"Stand By" (Waiting List) are highly encouraged to plan their travel, flights and accommodation, as if they are not preselected for the competition they will be able to do the Masterclasses, where company directors and school directors will award contracts and scholarships. In addition to that all the participants from the Junior Soloist Category with the status "Stand By" (Waiting List) are Accepted to do the Royal Ballet School Audition which is held in the same location.

We encourage you to book your flights from 20th until 25th of February, 2019

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