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IMPORTANT | Candidates who weren't preselected for Competition Semi-Final they still can join the competition for the Scholarship Masterclasses and Ballet Companies Contracts



Preselection Fee is 95 euro plus a Registration and Payment Processing Fees of 4 euro.
Preselection Fee –  Non Refundable.
The Fee should be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of Registration.

Payment of the Audition Fee implies that the participant irrevocably ACCEPTS the result of the PRESELECTION BY VIDEO.

Semifinal Fee is 290 euro which includes the participation of the candidate to the Semifinal Classical and Contemporary Categories and also covers the ballet classes during the prix 21-24th February 2019.
The Fee should be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of Registration.
Semifinal Fee for Classical Category is 175 euro per group and an addittional fee of 45 euro for each participant integrating the group. (example: Group of 3 members = 145euro (Group Fee) + 45euro +45euro + 45euro = 280 euro)
The Fee should be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of Registration.
A “Registration & Payment Processing Fee” of 5% from the Total Amount of Registration will be applied.
Semifinal Fee for Contemporary/modern Category is 175 euro per group and an addittional fee of 45 euro for each participant integrating the group. (example: Group of 3 members = 145euro (Group Fee) + 45euro +45euro + 45euro = 280 euro)
The Fee should be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of Registration.
A “Registration & Payment Processing Fee” of 5% from the Total Amount of Registration will be applied.
Delay in making Payments
A delay in paying within the established periods will incur a surcharge of 10% of the amount to be paid from the day following the end of the period, and a surcharge of 20% if the delay is more than 2 weeks.
  • Civil Insurance - 4 euro (Mandatory Fee) - Required Fees only for Semifinal and Final.
  • Health Insurance - 7 euro (Mandatory Fee) -Required Fees only for Semifinal and Final.
All the Cash Prizes will be paid in a maximum of 120 days after the competition excepting the IBStage Grand Prix which will be paid monthly (500 euro per month).
Cash prizes are paid only by Bank Transfer.
Cash Prizes should be paid with tax deduction as per winner's country existing legislation or the Spanish legislation, if applied.
Cash Prizes in the Ensemble Category will be paid to the school and not to the group participants, in this case the director of the school will have to provide with all bank details. 
The Grand Prix Prize is not cumulative to other cash prizes. The winner if is in possession of other cash prizes will have to renounce to the other cash prizes but not to the Diplomas. 
Awarded Scholarships have to be accepted in a maximum of 1 week, if not the Scholarship will be cancelled.
To obtain a prize, candidates have to accomplish with the minimum score of the respective prize and category. 
The Jury reserve the right to not grant all the prizes if they consider so.
The Jury may award a prize or distinction to more than one competitor.
All the prize winners shall dance in the Closure Gala, if organized by the Organization of the IBStage Grand Prix. No participation in the gala of the winners shall lose their right to any money award.
Teachers are not allowed to enter backstage or dressing rooms. 
The organization will provide 1 Teacher per participant or Ensemble Group, for assisting to some parts of the Competition. 
Teachers are not allowed to coach the students.
Parents are not accepted to enter backstage or dressing rooms. 
If the Participant receive a Scholarship for any of our partners school, the teacher or parent will be invited to the meeting in order to be informed about all the conditions of the scholarship. 
No Jury, Guest or other Person will propose directly to the Candidate a Scholarship or any other offer without the permission of the organization and without the presence of the Candidate's Teacher/Parent.
IBS GP reserve the right to eliminate categories if the respective category doesn't have at least 50% of occupancy. In this case the IBS GP will reimburse all the Registration Fees. No other Reimbursements are done. 
In the Ensemble Category, schools can participate with unlimited number of choreographies. A School can win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize , only with different choreographies and not with the same one.
In the Junior, Senior and Professional Dancers Categories, Candidates can compete only with 1 classical variation from the respective List of Variation of each Category and with a contemporary solo. The classical variation and the contemporary solo have to be the same in the Semifinal and the Final. No changes of variations or solos are permitted.
Ballet Classes and Coaching Sessions are included in the Registration Fee for all the Categories. 
For the Candidates of Soloist Categories (Junior, Senior and Professional Dancers), ballet classes are mandatory. Candidates who not attend the classes should not receive any scholarship or contract, and also can be disqualified from the competition. 
For Candidates of the Ensemble Categories, Ballet Classes are optional, but we encourage the participants to take part as they will increase their possibilities to receive a scholarship. 


All the information published in each category regarding the Procedure and Regulations of respective category is considered part of this document, and shall be respected. 
In addition to this document the participants should respect the Conditions and Requirements of the each Category. The non-compliance with that takes to the Disqualification of the Participant.
The IBS GP, may modify procedures or regulations in order to adapt better the competition to the Ethical Standard imposed by the Royal Ballet School. IBS GP reserves the right to eliminate a category always when the category wasn't filled with at least of 50% of the available spots, or always when for organizational matters there is no physical space or schedule time to program a category. If this happen all the registered candidates are reimbursed for all the registration fees that paid to the IBStage Grand Prix. Reimbursements will be done after February 26, 2019. 
If any Candidate is coming from a school, which is represented by one of our Jury Members, the Jury shall not participate in the vote of the respective Candidate. 
Competition order for all the Candidates is marked by the IBS GP, and can be changed in any moment in order to avoid bad organization. 
No request of changing the order are accepted. 
Schedule can be modified in those cases where the competition or ballet classes create conflicts. Any change will be notified to the participants.
The competition jury's decisions on the selection and the finals of IBStage Grand Prix, as well as the distribution of prizes, are final and irrevocable. 
Only the board of directors of the IBStage Grand Prix together with Jury Panel, has the right to final decisions on any departure from the rules of the competition, always giving plausible reasons for those modifications.




By signing this Agreement, I/WE/YOU are, or may be, giving up important legal rights. Before signing this Agreement, You should carefully read this Agreement in order to fully understand the legal rights that You are, or may be, giving up.
When you submit your registration through the IBStage website or through any kind of IBStage communication channel, including the paper forms, you declare that all forms, applications and information provided are accurate and true and can be verified and demonstrated at any time.
You agree to make payments relating to your registration in compliance with the Terms & Conditions established by IBStage as detailed below.
In consideration for the student being permitted to participate in the IBStage Grand Prix 2019 (hereinafter “IBS GP”), I (parent, guardian) together with the student, if the student is of legal age to execute a binding agreement, (hereinafter referred to as “I/we”), hereby agree, and represent as follows: ­
1.)      Participant´s Requests for a Competition Group change are Not Accepted. Groups are made and organized by the Jury Panel. 
 Attainment of the Final Group depends on an unequivocal criterion by the jury that is expressly selected by IBStage GP. The result offered by this jury is irrevocable, and no claim or request for reconsideration by any participant in relation to the assigned group will be allowed. In addition, participants who don’t accept this result may leave the program. No refund will be given for leaving the competition for this reason.
2.)      Other Organization Matters – Participants accept that they will follow, respect and accept all the rules, conditions, competition plan , guidelines, procedures, and other organizational matters established and adopted by IBS GP and RBS Staff. Breaking or non-acceptance of this clause is punished with the expulsion of the participant from the Competition, with the consequence of loosing all the paid fees and also with consequence to be banished for future editions.
3.)      Merchandising and other Services – All the merchandising and services offered by IBStage GP can be sold at different fees. No notification will be made when prices are changed.
4.)       Obligatory complementary documentation – Participants must provide all the required documentation once the Online Registration is formalized. Once the Registration Form has been completed, the participant or guardians (in the case of under-18s) must provide the certificates that are specified, sending them to the indicated e-mail address and also bring the originals to the Check-in that will take place in the venue where the course is held. In addition, the participant should bring the other personal documentation that is required and must be attached to the Form: official identity documents for the participant and for the guardian (for under-18s) if required, photograph and other items that may be required in the Form and which, in the event that they are not presented, could lead to the the non-acceptance in the Competition with the consequences that are established in these Terms and Conditions.
Participants of IBS GP are expected to assume responsibility for their behavior and conduct. Participants  are expected to acquaint themselves with and abide by the rules, procedures and standards of conduct established by IBS GP, and which may be modified during the season. A dancer whose conduct is not consistent with these standards and rules will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from IBS GP without any type of Reimbursement.
Expulsion from the IBS GP for those participants who were awarded with a Full/Partial Scholarship or Discount leads to the payment in full of all  the Competition Fees.
The standards of conduct include but are not limited solely to the following prohibitions (with expulsion or other disciplinary actions):
1.)      Use of, possession of, or impairment by illegal drugs and alcohol.
2.)      Use of tobacco products within or near the facilities.
3.)      Possession or use of weapons of any nature, fireworks, or an article that can be used in a dangerous or menacing manner;
4.)      Unexcused tardiness or absences from classes, rehearsals, performances, activities;
5.)      Threats, disruptive or disorderly conduct, including horseplay or hazing;
6.)      Injury to the persons or property of others, including but not limited to theft;
7.)      Creating a dangerous or hazardous condition;
8.)      Harassing, discriminatory or abusive conduct or language;
9.)      Violations of law, or of the safety rules, practices, or other policies procedures and rules of IBStage;
10.)     Permitting unauthorized visitors to the IBStage GP facilities;
11.)     Falsification of records or documents submitted to the Competition; and
12.)     Failure to provide identification or comply with a staff member’s request.
13.)     Stealing is punishable with automatic expulsion from the competition.
In addition, participants  must adhere to the following:
1.)      Participants are required to attend all classes, coaching sessions, and performances (in proper attire), and must notify a staff member or, if in class, a teacher, if they are not feeling well. Once a class has begun, the participant will not be allowed to participate. The participant must request permission to watch the class from the side. Students must report any accident or illness to a staff member.
2.)      Participants are expected to treat staff in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.
3.)      Do not bring any food inside the rehearsal studios.
4.)      Do not leave clothing, bottles, bags or any other personal items inside the studios.
5.)      Respect the schedules, which are pre-established and published on a daily basis.
6.)     Participants who are under 18 may not leave the IBS GP facilities without the consent from an IBStage Adult Staff Member or written consent from their parent/guardian with a document brought expressly for this purpose and given to IBStage staff; it must include a telephone number, personal e-mail and a copy of the National ID card or equivalent of the signing parent/guardian.
7.)      No damage to any furniture or material of any kind. Participants will be held responsible for the costs of any damages.
8.)      Must have a mobile phone where they can be reached at all times.
In consideration for the student being permitted to participate in the IBS GP 2019 (hereinafter the “Competition”), I (parent, guardian) together with the student, if the student is of legal age to execute a binding agreement, (hereinafter referred to as “I/we”), hereby agree, and represent as follows:
1.)      I/we are fully familiar with the intended activities and demands of a rigorous ballet/dance competition program (intensive), including both the physical fitness expectations and the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm, and I/we represent and warrant that the Student is able to participate fully in the Competition’s activities, that no health professional has advised us of any risks or conditions that would limit or impede the Student’s full and safe participation, that I/we are not aware of any medical or other conditions which would limit the Participant’s full and safe participation in the competition, and that I/we understand and accept the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm that may occur due to the Participant’s participation in this Competition. I/we agree further that if the Participant sustains any injury or illness prior to the commencement of the Competition, we shall advise IBStage promptly in writing so that an assessment can be made whether the Participant can participate in the Competition. I, therefore, consent to my child’s participation in the Competition, and I further consent to my child’s participation in any other activity taken in connection with the Competition.
2.)      I/we accept responsibility for medical expenses (including treatment, medical devices, emergency room visits, ambulances, and hospitalization, whether or not covered by insurance) for any injuries or illness that the Participant may sustain or experience while participating in the Competition; and warrant that (if applicable) the Participant will provide proper identification and information to secure medical insurance coverage; and that I/we will promptly reimburse fully IBStage GP and/or any of its employees who advance the costs to secure medical treatment for the Participant. I/we hereby grant permission for the Participant to receive emergency medical treatment as appropriate during participation in the Competition as may be authorized by an adult member of the Competition Staff. I/we grant permission for the Participant to receive onsite physical therapy treatment in some cases as authorized by an adult member of the Competition Staff. I/we understand that if the Participant has to take prescription medication or receive scheduled medical treatment, we shall notify the Competition in writing and shall consult with the Competition as to appropriate arrangements. It is not the responsibility of the Competition to make such arrangement.
I/we understand and agree that during the course of the Competition, the Participant may be photographed and/or videotaped during the program activities or performances, and I/we grant IBStage GP the unrestricted right to use in any form the image, picture, likeness, voice, and/or name of the Participant for all IBStage GP promotional materials including brochures, newspaper articles, books, and/or television and for commercial purposes. I/we agree to adhere to the policies therein.
Furthermore , I/we hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless IBStage GP and/or the agents, employees and directors of this institution (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) for any loss, claim, damage, suit, costs or expenses, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, resulting from or arising out of any injury to any person or damage to property, caused by or incurred by myself, my child and/or my ward, or whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Indemnified Parties, incurred as a result of or during the COMPETITION or any activities in connection with the COMPETITION.
By signing this Agreement, and in exchange for being able to participate in IBStage GP and use its Premises, You knowingly, willingly, absolutely, and unconditionally, release, remise, and forever discharge, indemnify and hold harmless IBStage and/or its affiliates and each of their current and former owners, directors, officers, and employees, as well as the predecessors, successors, assigns, affiliates, insurers, attorneys, representatives, fiduciaries and/or agents of each of them ( collectively the “Released Parties”) from ANY AND ALL liability of any type to You, and each of your trusts, heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, personal representatives, predecessors, successors, trustees, direct and indirect beneficiaries, attorneys and agents (collectively the “Releasing Parties”), from any and all actions or causes of action, suits, claims, complaints, contracts, liabilities, agreements, promises, torts, debts, damages, controversies, judgements, losses, and demands of every kind or nature whether existing, contingent, or future, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, whether in law or equity under the laws of any jurisdiction (“Claims”) (including without limitation any claims by the Negligence of IBStage GP, any of the other Released Parties, any other Guests or intruders, or otherwise) that relate to or arise out of  Your Participation in IBStage GP in any way, including without limitation any Claims that relate in any way to any injury or loss to You or your personal property.
In addition, in consideration for allowing You to enter and use the Premises of IBStage GP, You and the other Releasing Parties knowingly, willingly, absolutely, and unconditionally release, remise, and forever discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all Claims that the Releasing Parties ever had or now have or may have against the Released Parties since the beginning of the World up to and including the date of this Agreement.
By signing this Agreement, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for, and risk of, bodily injury, death or property damage to Me or my child (including without any limitation any injury, death or damage caused by the Negligence of IBStage GP, any of the other Released Parties, any other guests or intruders, or otherwise), which relate to or arise out of me or my child entry into or use of the IBStage GP Premises in any way. By signing this Agreement I/we acknowledge that the risks associated with entry into and use of the IBStage Premises may be both foreseen and unforeseen, and may include serious physical injury and/or death, and other personal and property damages, and I/we agree to assume all associated risks.
By signing this Agreement I/we agree, that any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or/and arising from the participation to Ibstage GP or/and arising from the entry or/and use of the Ibstage Premises, including but not limited to, claims, shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed exclusively by the laws of the Catalunya, without regard to conflict of laws principles that would cause the application of the laws of another jurisdiction, including any jurisdiction outside Catalunya and that I/we hereby knowingly waive and forgo any resort to the laws of any jurisdiction outside Catalunya in connection with the Claims, Indemnified Losses, and enforcement and interpretation of this Agreement regardless of where this Agreement has been signed by I/we or where I/we reside.
By signing this Agreement, I/we agree that any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this  Agreement, shall be resolved exclusively and finally by binding arbitration in Barcelona, Catalunya, before one arbitrator, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Catalonian Arbitration Laws.
The participant and his/her parent or tutor, voluntarily signs this Agreement, and further agrees that no oral representations statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.

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